Blinds by David Butterworth

Roman Blinds

Affiniti’s range of Roman Blinds combine wonderful fabrics with simply elegant movement to give any window a touch of style and luxury.

Roman Blinds control light effortlessly, whilst still showing off their precise lines and wonderful fabric. Affiniti provides a complete range of fabrics, including modern prints and classic plains, to bring any design theme together in a well-dressed manner.

When curtains are just too fussy, and traditional blinds just too stark, Roman Blinds bring the best of both worlds together to create beautiful window dressings that can be easily adjusted to suit your mood or the time of day. 

The mechanisms and quality of workmanship integral to every Affiniti Roman Blind mean that these blinds are durable, practical and very beautiful to look at. You can even supply your own fabric and we will make your blinds just for you.